Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Human League

The Taverner Tape (1979) ...

Demo tape produced by The Human League to generate record company interest ... Lo-fi ... 'Jason Taverner' is a TV presenter in Philip K Dick's Flow My Tears The Policeman Said, which is probably where HL borrowed him from ...

'Hi! I'm Jason Taverner and I've been asked here to introduce the first demon-stration tape by a great group of guys called The Human League. I first met The Human League when they appeared on my network tv show last year. And then, and a couple of times since that that they played a song for us, I was impressed that here was a bunch of boys who were trying to do something new in music when the majority of bands were just interested in shocking people. This attitude is exemplified on their first song - an optimistic modern anthem called Blind Youth....'

1. Jason Taverner Intro 1 (0:07)
2. Blind Youth (0:35)
3. Dominion Jingle (4:16)
4. Interface (4:30)
5. Dominion Jingle (7:37)
6. Again The Eye Again (7:52)
7. Dominion Jingle (11:48)
8. Jason Taverner Intro 2 (12:02)
9. Toyota City (12:23)
10. Dominion Jingle (14:26)
11. The Path Of Least Resistance (14:40)
12. Dominion Jingle (18:09)
13. Zero As A Limit (18:23)
14. Dominion Jingle (23:43)
15. Jason Taverner Intro 3 (23:57)
16. You've Lost That Loving Feeling (24:14)

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