Thursday, 17 July 2014

Aruna Sairam

Inde Du Sud: Padam, le chant de Tanjore (2000) ...

Aruna Sairam, Padam singer from Tanjore, southern India ... This song form is almost extinct and this album was recorded to try to reverse it's decline...  

Album on Grooveshark ...

 Sung as an accompaniment to the precise and exacting South Indian dance Bharatanatyam, the Padam is deliberate, slow, languid, sensual, and evoking of distinct moods associated with love. Accompanied on this CD by Durai Swaminathan on violin, K. Arun Prakash on mridangam (double-sided hand drum), Shakuntala on tampura (drone instrument), and Udupi S. Sreedhar on ghatam (clay pot), Aruna Sairam recorded this album in order to pay homage to her Tanjore "style masters" and to raise awareness about the fact that Padam, for a number of reasons, is teetering on the verge of extinction... ...
 Listeners can treat this album as an exposure to the Tanjore style, with particular emphasis on rendering of padams, which are difficult pieces of the Karnatic repertoire to learn and perform. In this album, Aruna has rendered 3 of Kshetrayya's padams as well as one of Govindaswamy's. And not precluding the trinity of Karnatic Music, she includes a kriti of Tyagaraja in the Vivadi raga (raga with dissonant notes) Vagadhishvari. And what a thoughtful way to conclude her tribute to her masters with a Sanskrit sloka from the Krishna Karnamrutham of Bilwamangala Lilasuka in a garland of ragas! ... (Amazon review)

01 - Paiyyada Paimida Ceri Pavvalinci [9:49]
Raga Nadanamakriya - Tisra Triputa / Kshetarayya
02 - Poosadaramu Reeti Pondina [21:31]
Raga Thodi - Tisra Triputa / Govindaswamy
03 - Kontegadu Muvvagopaala [9:58]
Raga Surati - Tisra Triputa / Kshetarayya
04 - Ninnu Juchi Naalugaidu Nelalaaye [9:29]
Raga Punnagavarali - Tisra Triputa / Kshetarayya
05 - Paramatmudu [8:02]
Raga Vagadhiswarii - Adi / Tyagaraja
06 - Sayankale Vanante [4:41]
Raga Hamir Kalyan
07 - Triloka Karshanangam [3:11]
Raga Dvijavanti
08 - Sevyam Sringara [3:41]
Raga Hamsanandi
09 - Vandeham Rasa [1:53]
Raga Surati

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