Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Delia Derbyshire

Electrosonic (1972) ...

Originally a library album of collected pieces for TV and radio (KPM1104)  ...

Electrosonic ...

Composer credits for all tracks are Harper/Russe (Delia Derbyshire)/St. George (Brian Hodgson)

Quest - fast
Frontier of Knowledge
The Pattern Emerges
Freeze Frame
Plodding Power
Busy Microbes
Liquid Energy (a)
Liquid Energy (b)
No Mans Land
Celestial Cantabile
The Wizards Laboratory
Shock Chords


Nightwalker ...

"Electrosonic was number 1104 in the KPM 1000 series of library music albums, issued in 1972, and fortunately the result bears Delia's hallmarks all over it. Brian Hodgson: "It was recorded all over the place: sometimes at Kaleidophon and sometimes we used to creep in the back of the Workshop at night and do it there! We virtually used it like a private studio at night. Kaleidophon was David Vorhaus and Delia and me. David Vorhaus picked us up at a lecture we did with [Peter] Zinovieff at Goldsmith's College and he and Delia took one look at each other and decided they were madly in love [they both played double bass, incidentally], so we set up Kaleidophon in Camden Town. David was a complete rogue - still is - and a charming one. We had a company car, a little battered mini, and he used to put beer bottle things as license discs. It probably ended up costing us three times what the license would've been if we'd paid it in fines" ... Re-issue sleeve notes ...

Delia speaks ... (Radio Scotland 1997) ...

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