Sunday, 6 July 2014


Babel (1978) ...

Belgian euro-jazz fusion with shades of Magma ... almost Zeuhl with some Canterbury influence...

Babel ...

Oostend - Oostend ...

Philippe Allaert – drums, percussion
Daniel Schell – guitars; flutes
Marc Hollander – organ; sax
Pascale Son – vocals; oboe
Alain Goutier – bass 
Nicolas Fiszman – guitars, bass
Charles Loos – piano, organ
Francois Cahen – piano 
Marc Moulin – organ 
Dick Bogaert – flute 

Greeneldo ...
"The Mutant Sounds website describes the album Babel by the Belgian prog rock band Cos like this: “Serious lump-in-throat jazzy prog beauty of the highest order here, people! Cos were a euphorically sublime Belgian group featuring a pre-Aksaq Maboul Marc Hollander that operated somewhere between the jazz rock magnetic poles of Canterbury and Zeuhl, taking the airy wistfulness of Hatfield And The North from the former and the ecstatic female vocal-driven rubric of early Zao from the latter, though by the time they'd arrived at this, their third album and (for me at least) definitive statement, a distinct disco component was becoming a factor, something that just pushes this from the gorgeous to the level of near-supernatural for me (after disco-prog??), but has also managed to leave those not swayed by the (self-evident, methinks) beauty of a concept like disco-prog less than swept away. Well....phooey to them! This is one of the very pinnacles of Euro prog in my book and Pascal Son one of the greatest female progressive vocalists. Bliss awaits thee...”  A couple other fairly well-known names in this outfit not mentioned above include: Daniel Schell (guitar, flutes, composer), Marc Hollander (organ), Marc Moulin of Placebo (organ), and Fran├žois Cahen of Magma (piano)."

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