Monday, 16 June 2014

Terry Riley

You're NoGood (1968) ...

Minimalist composer Terry Riley performing as Poppy NoGood, this is proto-hiphop, tape-manipulation/sampling... Following Steve Reich's tape experiments but going way beyond ... (Released in 2000.)

You're NoGood ...

"In November 1967 Terry Riley performed an All Night Concert in Philadelphia under the moniker Poppy Nogood. A form of happening where Terry improvised on soprano saxophone and tape-delay feed-back system, otherwise known as the "time-lag accumulator". The "All Night Flight" concert held in the Philadelphia art school began at 10pm and lasted until dawn. Attendees were encouraged to bring along sleeping bags and make a full evening of it. One of those that attended operated a disco in Philadelphia and commissioned Terry to compose a "theme" for the night-club. The result is the plundering and appropriation of an obscure R&B tune "You're Nogood" [sic] ['You're No Good' by Harvey Averne] in a mix of moog, tape-loops, and feed-back system. First Time Available." - from original obi info wrap.

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