Friday, 27 June 2014

Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes

Paix (1972) ...

French prog with a Pink Floydish sound and very intense vocals/poetry from Catherine Ribeiro (very Grace Slick or maybe Patti Smith) ... Paix was their second album, and the first of seven on the Philips label ...

Paix ... 

Drums: Michel Santangelli
Engineer: Andy Scott, Gilbert Preneron
Organ - Patrice Lemoine
Percussion [Percuphone], Bass Guitar: Jean-Sébastien Lemoine
Performer [Cosmophone], Guitar [Acoustic]: Patrice Moullet

Paroles: Catherine Ribeiro
Musique, orchestration et direction du groupe: Patrice Moullet

 "Despite the clashing wardrobes, this lineup caught hanging out al fresco also hung together with an equal amount of unity and breathing space throughout the proceedings captured on “Paix.” Instead of partitioning the folk ballads away from the progressive instrumentals to hang separately as leaden entities as they did on their preceding album “Ame Debout,” the musical moves on “Paix” were far more integrated into lithe constructions that for all their sporadically fluttery graces were swept together to unflinchingly contrast Ribeiro’s passionate and severe vocalisations. Moullet’s thematic arrangements were collectively refracted through the talents of organist Patrice Lemoine who, retained from the “Ame Debout” sessions, was now allowed to shine throughout the proceedings with a depth of feeling and sense of the appropriate that verged on the telepathic. Rounding out the group as veritable one-man rhythm section was Jean-Sebastien Lemoine, bassist and newly-appointed operator of Moullet’s self-made percussive device, the percuphone. Despite its simple title, what Ribeiro+Alpes conceived together on “Paix” was neither simple nor peaceful with the majority of the record consisting of two expansive suites that insinuated out from the very shadowy realms whose depths were being plumbed so deeply..." thebookofseth ...

"Alice ou la dernière fugue", de Claude Chabrol (1977)

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