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James Weaver

Jacques Duphly: Music for Harpsichord (1977) ...

James Weaver performing on the Smithsonian’s 1760 Benoist Stehlin harpsichord. Recorded 1977 (LP only).
Wonderfully decadent late French baroque music, recorded in ultra-realistic sound, played expressively by curator James Weaver on the Smithsonian’s ravishingly beautiful 1760 Stehlin harpsichord... Smithsonian ...
Jacques Duphly - Allemande, Courante, Le Vanlo.flac ...

 This is a recording of harpsichord pieces by Jacques Duphly (1715-1789), a French harpsichord composer. Duphly is not as well known as his predecessors Francois Couperin and Jean-Philippe Rameau, but the music in this selection is excellent.

It was recorded on May 19/20, 1977 in the Hall of Musical Instruments, National Museum of History and Technology, Washington, DC. It was engineered by the always capable Marc Aubort and Joanna Nickrenz. The instrument, built by Benoist Stehlin in 1760, has a lovely complex tone characteristic of late French harpsichord design. It's one of the most altogether satisfying recordings of a harpsichord I've heard... (From the original Vinyl rip notes) ...

01 - Allemande, Courante, Le Vanlo [11:29]
02 - Rondeau, La Tribolet [7:05]
03 - Rondeau, La Damanzy, La Cazamajor [8:56]
04 - Le Forqueray [5:43]
05 - Chaconne [7:01]
06 - Le Medee [3:59]
07 - Le Pothouin [5:13]

Complete scores for these pieces can be found here ...

Part of the soundboard

Torrent here ... (needs torrent client) ...

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